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    Stevie Bryant

    Growing through creativity and passion

    Based in Sydney, Australia



    After completing my Master of Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology Sydney in 2016 I moved to London to seek out new creative opportunities. And London delivered.


    I have a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Arts at Macquarie University, where I explored concepts of creative collaboration, conflict, artistry, and practical training in performance and vocal studies. This degree, combined with the Bachelor of Education, enabled me to explore the planning & methodology of teaching and inspiring others.


    My goal is to tell stories on stage and screen which resonate with contemporary audiences. I love to explore socio-political themes through narrative and have a preference for the contemporary musical.


    As an admin-nerd I also moonlight as a spreadsheet enthusiast, or as my CV will tell you, as a

    Creative Industries Project Manager

  • What's the buzz

    Stevie seeking mentor

    It’s rare to find a role in this industry which explicitly targets early career artists. If you work in a creative industry I'd love to pick your brain or help out on your next project. There is value in shared knowledge, so if you have wisdom to impart I'm eager to listen.

    Your next project, managed

    Creativity is not just limited to the arts.

    If you have a project coming up that needs an organised and diligent project manager who can not only analyse that data but can also talk about it like a human, then look no further.

    Now taking on short term projects, tech, arts, social. Need it coordinated, you get in touch.

  • Current Projects



    An anxious adult navigates an unknown world hidden behind the magic of London.

    The Protagonist

    An original musical

    The Protagonist explores modern mind-fucks. Digging into the cultural fear of failure and hyper-competitive nature of technically connected millennials. This musical exposes how harmful it is to look at life through the highlight reel.

    Co-writing with Kate 'Jazzy' Finnis.

    Dis Connection (working title)

    An online musical

    Written for the online medium, Dis Connection will be exploring modern trials and tribulations musically.

    From the writers that brought you Alice, A New Musical

    Co-writing with Joshy Said

  • Previous Projects

    Alice! A New Musical

    Stage Musical


    Director, Writer: Book & Lyrics


    Psychological Thriller - Short Film


    Writer, Director

    Breaking Point

    Short Film


    Writer, Director

    Chamber Music

    Play by Arthur Kopit



    Whipped Cream & The Morning After Cafe

    Short Play


    Co-Writer, Co-Director
    Collaboration with Mario Brce, Dramac's 2010 'Godzilla Season'


    Acting credits include:

    Ilse, Spring Awakening (2013)
    Patty Simcox, Grease (2012)

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